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How To Resize, Hide and Unhide Partition in Windows XP?

1. Click Start

2. Click Control Panel

3. Click Switch to classic view

4. Click Administrative tools

5. Double click Computer Management

6. Double click Disk Management

There you will see a screen where you do changes to your partition.

What Is a Crypter?

Crypter is a tools used to encrypt a file to make it unreadable.

Most common type of crypter which can be found on the net is being used to make a virus fully undetectable by antivirus. It is coded by a programmer using language such as C++,, asm, delphi and autoit.

With crypter, you can actually do a lot of bad stuff aka hacking without even need to learn any programming languange. It makes hacking easy as 1,2,3.

Buying a private crypter cost a lot of money. My suggestion is try to code your own.

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How To Download Mp3 From 4shared Without Account?

Get quick access to without registering. This is only works for mp3.

How To Get Free AVG Internet Security 2013 Key For Free?

Firstly you need to download AVG Internet Security 2013 installer from the official site.

Next you need to download this key and activate your product.


Tips: This key is valid till 2018. So enjoy your new AVG.

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How To Find Download Links For Movies

 Let say your are looking for " The Vampire Diaries" download links.

1. On your browser, navigate to

2. Type on the search window using this format, ("Movies title" "Sharing Site")

     As an example, "The Vampire Diaries Mediafire".

3. Press Enter.

By doing this you will get a lot of download link for your chosen movie from mediaifire sharing site.


You can also use this format, ("Movies Title", "Blogspot")

As an example, "The Vampire Diaries Blogspot"

You search list will lead you to some famous blogspot that share movies.

What is Computer?

The word computer come from Latin Language, "computare" which means counting.

Computer is a machine that can receive data (input) and then processing the information to be keep in a database for future reference. The data also can be display on monitor as an output.


Bios means Basic Input Output System.

Bios will make sure all the content in our Hard Disk Drive is ready to be used during booting up process.

Bios will analyze and determine whether all component in computer is working properly when computer is being start.


Cmos means Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

It is a chip in a motherboard where the bios is been keep.

Using a low power battery as a main supply.

It will handle the date,time and computer system parameter.


Software is a system that contain instructions to command the component in computer.

There are 2 types of software.

  1. Operating System
  2. Application System

Example of operating system are Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Example of application system are Microsoft Office, Antivirus and Games.

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"What is" List

 Here is a list of tutorial to read. Good for those who wants to get brief introduction on certain topic.

What is Computer?
What is a Crypter?

"How to" List

Here is a list of tutorial on how to do certain stuff.

How To Find Download Links For Movies
How to get free AVG internet security 2013 key?
How To Download Mp3 From 4shared Without Account?
How to resize, hide and unhide partition in windows xp?
How To Get Dota2 Invitation?
how to get unlimited secure file scanning?

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